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Today's Featured Karaoke Gig
22 Thrush Avenue, Paradise Point, QLD 4216 Australia
Phone 55771948
Tuesdays (weekly) 6pm-10pm
Last confirmed by a singer on Thu 25 Jun 15

a singer says... services/recreation club, courtesy bus available, ample carpark, wheelchair toilet facilities, even ladies feel safe here, friendly & efficient barstaff, always cheap drink prices, restaurant, food till approx 8pm, held in the main bar, comfortable lounge seats, a stage for singers, superb sound system, band quality sound, just the right volume, good foldback, professional cordless mics, several screens, good lights, 5,000+ songlist, no songlist repeats, fabulous range of songs, singers' discs generally ok, professional host, always runs without fail, always runs on time, non-stop karaoke, wide range of singer quality, just social singers here, expect 1 song each hour, spot-on singer rotation, normal crowd (30-60), generally mature crowd, extremely welcoming crowd, highly supportive crowd, all under-18yo welcome, kids can sing all night

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1Glenquarie Tavern NSW
27th Avenue Bar & WA
3Squires Tavern NT
4Bel Eyre Tavern WA
5Old Canberra Inn ACT
6King of Burnie TAS
7Montgomerys Hobart TAS
8Rag & Famish Pub NSW
9Kellys On King NSW
10PJ OReillys Irish ACT
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What I love most about karaoke

Singer contributed story
Karaoke would have to be one of the biggest highlights of my life. Its a place where you can go and not only show your singing but it is also one of the biggest stress relievers just to be able to go and let your hair down, as well as interact with all your friends and make new ones. To be able to get onto stage and let the music and song choice take you into the zone which makes you feel like your the only one in the moment is quite satisfying.
Crashed and burned at karaoke

Singer contributed story
My sister and I went into a karaoke competition and got all the way to the finals singing love shack. I did the boy part. at the finals I was super nervous. I know all the words without looking but I was fixed on the screen and the words were changing from purple to purple so I started then stopped. Turns out I had the timing right and next thing you know it is my sisters lines. Throughout the song I was like a deer in headlights just staring at the screen frozen singing.
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Recent Interesting Venue Comments
Potters Brewery, NSW Australia - Really good crowd, quiet but supportive. Not as rowdy as some of the other places around, really nice restaurant also. Awesome food. Karaoke has good selection of songs, lots of older stuff but pleanty of new stuff too. Some really great singers
- - - -
Altona Sports Club, VIC Australia - Awesome night. Great karaoke. Friendly host. Very helpful, cheap drinks. Everybody had a great night on the dance floor. Busy crowd. Lots of laughs! Huge song choice. I think I'm going to be a regular
- - - -
St Marys District Band Club, NSW Australia - This gig is always consistent. A good venue with an appreciative crowd. Can get 3 songs in a night. The themed second round is always a nice touch. A chance to try something different. Certainly recommend this venue
- - - -
Junction Hotel (previously Muddy Farmer), QLD Australia - Went to The Muddy Farmer (now known as 'The Junction') on Friday night, and was happy to see the karaoke was still being run by Josh and Andi from Night Owls Karaoke. The venue always has great sound, very fair singer rotation and the latest songs to choose from. I'll be heading back there again very soon.
- - - -
Calwell Tavern, ACT Australia - food here is fresh and tastes good, cheaper during the day than at night. There is a large parking lot and the pub is clean. The only problem is they need to cater for more people as there isnt enough seats When I went.
- - - -
Scruffy Murphys Hotel, NSW Australia - This place is no place for prudes or people not used to blue language. I f you are easily offended, then stay right away from here. Life is too short to take anything seriously. If you sing, be prepared to cop a little friendly mockery. It is hard to hear yourself here as well.
- - - -
Pritchards Hotel, NSW Australia - A new discovery for me. Hosts are friendly and the singer rotation is very fair. No favouritism is present here. You will hear singers of many varieties here. I will be attending this venue again.
- - - -
Toukley RSL Club, NSW Australia - no shows during footy season because the 3 people want to watch the footy seems a shame was good place to sing cause theres not many shows around up here
- - - -
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Karaoke in Australia

Most karaoke gigs are held in pubs and clubs, and often not advertised - unless you happen to be there on the night, chances are you'll never know about their karaoke. That's why the website is the most visited karaoke website in Australia, being the meeting place for both karaoke hosts and singers.

Where to find karaoke in Australia?

You'll find karaoke gigs listed on for ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC & WA. New South Wales has the most venues, followed by Queensland and Victoria; South Australia, Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory have even fewer gigs, Tasmania has a sprinkling, and the Northern Territory is in last place. But only has the constantly updated national karaoke gig database.

Karaoke in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth and Darwin

Karaoke in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane can be found almost every night of the week, and karaoke can be found in the other major cities late in the week and at weekends - and most major towns will have karaoke somewhere on a Friday and Saturday night. Rural towns will often have karaoke at the weekends in the RSL or sporting club, and taxi drivers are another good source of karaoke venue information. But there's nothing to beat checking through the Karaoke Gig Listings.

Why does have the biggest karaoke listings?

Since about 2005, the database has been built by phone calls, personal visits, emails and the contributions of Australia's hosts, singers and karaoke venues. The database was designed from the ground up exclusively for listing and tracking karaoke gigs, and is today the most up-to-date source of karaoke gig information.

What's wrong with the gig lists on other websites?

You'll find that the database is often more up-to-date than even karaoke hosts' own websites (except those who have their own gig listings powered by the database). And the other seemingly major sites such as have simply pirated listings, and are hopelessly wrong as the information changes so quickly. Only the database has the all important 'Last Confirmed Date' that is crucial to knowing whether the gig listing is accurate and current. Essentially, whilst others are simply static lists, is a dynamic database serving up the very latest information.

Where do I find karaoke competitions? has a special Karaoke Comps page where just the venues running competitions are listed. In many cases you'll also been able to see the prizes, heats, semi final, and grand final dates. was, for a couple of years, a sponsor of the Australian trials of the 'Karaoke World Championships', and during the heats had a special page devoted to listing participating venues - now, participating venues are listed in the Competitions section with all the other comps that you might enjoy.

I need to find karaoke venues for kids has an Under-18s karaoke gigs list, and any kids competitions are also listed here.

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All these have their own karaoke lists on, plus other pages for karaoke links, karaoke judges, and lists of previous 'karaoke news stories' and 'karaoke gig reviews'.

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The 'General' karaoke chat forum provide a place where singers get together and discuss all aspects of karaoke.

What else can I find on

The main page features a different venue each couple of days, including photos and a detailed description of the gig. Also on the main page is a 'Favourite Top 10 Karaoke Gigs' list, and each day a couple of short stories from singers about their karaoke experiences. Singers also leave their feedback under gigs in the Karaoke Gig Listings, and the more interesting or entertaining of these are shown on the main page.

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