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Curry Rebel - Indian Restaurant karaoke venue review on www.where2sing.com

Curry Rebel Indian Restaurant

Eventually after three weeks of trying to visit Curry Rebel in Chelsea, finally made it there on Thursday 22nd October. Booked a table for three with the host, Chrissie, from the phone numbers listed on this site...

Also checked with her that as there were 2 /3 singers on the table could we both sing, now I didn’t ask the question whether that made us eligible for the competition, but taking that she was the host I would think she would have told us if we weren’t but she definitely said we could both sing. (Advertisement and booking still says 1 singer per table, I am sure it was changed in another area of the site.)
Now these are my observations and I do not like to comment too much on food as I am no food buff, all I know is if I have enjoyed my meal. It is also detrimental to a business and I would not like to impose my thoughts on everyone else. Prices can also change from area to area so to say something was expensive maybe a factor of the restaurants locality etc. Main thing is to let prospective patrons know that you do have an option to Indian food.

I was told on the phone that the restaurant was open for dinner from 6.00p.m. I booked for 7.30p.m. A good time for all of us.

Found the restaurant quite easily as it stands out on a corner on the right hand side of Nepean Hwy, not long after entering Chelsea. We parked along the railway line, but noted that there is parking at the rear.

Arrived approx 7.25p.m. My first impression was what a small narrow room.

On the left as you enter Chrissie was set up with her gear in what appeared to be an alcove against the front window, on a slightly raised platform. Someone was already singing Karaoke, so it was good to see everything all set up and information given to me correct, Karaoke starts early and not once the diners have finished. The singer was on floor level in front of the raised area.

After being seated which to my first understanding was at the back of the room? Seating was arranged from front to back with seating for 4 against the wall (approx 5 tables) and 4 tables of seating for 2 in the centre of the room but with sufficient spacing between tables and a clear walkway for other diners.This would cater for the 25 diners they advertise.

The wall we were placed against had drawings of Ghandi, elephants, Indian décor to the T, but not overdone, just pleasant to look at.

Opposite was the Kitchen servery, (chefs looking clean and smart in their white coats and large chef’s hats), speciality menu boards on the wall and the reception desk at the front. On then studying the room further realised just behind us was a huge wooden fish suspended from the ceiling secluding the area behind with something written I think it said “Fish Room”. Behind was another thin but long area with at least 6 tables with seating for 6. To the right of this was another partitioned off area with 4 or so tables for private functions. Passing all this through another door were the toilets, very clean and nicely decorated with a head of an Indian figure painted on the door for the respective genders. Further on was a door leading out to a totally secured, outside enclosure for the smokers. Rather a long building.

One menu board advised the $15-00 Indian menu, which included a Samousa, Main Meal (3 dishes) and then dessert, also a free glass of wine or beer. On the tables were placemats, one with the seafood dishes and the other Indian dishes.

We all chose the seafood menu. It does state on the menu’s that there is a min charge of $20-00 per person. Never inquired about that as it would be quite easy to spend $20-00. One thing which we learnt was that the Main Calamari dish was too little for someone who likes his steaks and is not a curry lover. My seafood cocktail was yummy served with salad and fruit. Friend had crayfish.

There were probably only about 13 of us in the restaurant and then about 5 guys turned up and sat behind the fishy sign on a table for 6. Some diners ate and left during the evening. Averaged about 13 at one time. The only two singers at this stage were both very good. The first guy was totally unbelievable, looked like a real Hip Hop dude with a beanie on, his first song was “It had to be you' and second song was “Mona Lisa”, our perception of what he would sing was blown up in smoke. He did do a Lionel Ritchie song very well too. Very deep crooners voice, it was really nice, especially for a restaurant scene. A young lady was the second singer and I think she did two Delta Goodrem . . .(full story on where2sing.com)

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