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Malaya Knox karaoke venue review on www.where2sing.com

Karaoke Club Australia night

The inaugural 'Karaoke Club Australia', (VIC based), members Karaoke night was held Sunday night 11th December 2005, at the Malaya Restaurant in Knox.

I was going to post about the night anyway, but our host for the evening, Eric - AKA Sammo, has asked me to review the night as well. I can only assume he has asked me to do this as he believes I will be fair but also accurate in my review, as with any contributions I make to any of the web sites - 'I call it as I see it'. Some may not agree with my thoughts, but they are my honest opinions.

I should also state a disclaimer here: - I have received work from Eric before, and I hope that I may receive work from him in the future, (albeit that we are on very opposite geographical sides of Melbourne).

My first comments will deal with the organisation and attendance of this event -

Many thanks to Eric for his organisation. This was always going to be an undoubtedly difficult night to arrange, but Eric managed to do it and must be highly commended for it.

Although his venue is a long drive for both myself and the other Western Suburbs representatives - The Karaoke Angels, (Ros & Jazz), I believe it was well worth attending. I and some others have said before, 'although we may be hosts competing for work, it is certainly in all of our best interests to do some things in unison - as in most other industries, as we can all learn from each other, and work towards successfully expanding our market'.

The provision of a meal at a significantly reduced price was a winner, and I'm sure was a factor in some of the attendance. For this Eric must also be commended. However, and this is not meant in a negative way. If the KCA members were not there, judging by the limited earlier attendance of others, his Restaurant evening may not have been so successful. So perhaps apart from Eric's obvious passion for this event, it was also a marketing coup for his business.

It was great to see some people who I have not seen for a long time, even though I did not get to talk at length with most of them, as unfortunately due to other committments we didn't arrive until after the starting time, and left earlier than I would have liked due to similar circumstances, and the meal took up most of our time while we were there.

The dissapointing thing was the non attendance of a lot of other people in the Karaoke industry from around Melbourne. Especially those who would have known about the night, and were not working, (or were but still could have managed to attend in some capacity), but could not be bothered to attend.

The night itself -

Firstly, the food - It was magnificent. I took my wife and two sons along, and we were all quite full at the end of the meal, which was done in banquent style, and was nicely paced out with courses not coming out too quickly or too long between courses. The discounted price of $25 per head for KCA members and friends . . .(full story on where2sing.com)

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