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REVIEW: Hinterland Hotel Motel


Having just spend a short time in one of Nerang's (Gold Coast) working men's pubs that had karaoke this night, I expected the nearby Hinterland Hotel Motel and Convention Centre to be a plush carpeted, elaborate affair. I wasn't expecting a building site.

So, with contruction in progress, and only a couple of bars open, it's probably unfair for me to comment about the decor, or the bar in which karaoke was being held - other than to say they did a pretty good job of making things presentable and workable, but it was a shame that this effort was not mirrored by the barstaff who were decidedly unwelcoming and surly. Hopefully the staff will be replaced by professionals worthy of the new establishment when it is completed.

I had seen this host a few days prior, and was ready for his rather antiquated but serviceable equipment. Although there was no stage for the singer, the console was neatly set up at the end of the room with the singer positioned nearby, and a couple of floor-standing speakers behind him. The sound was very much as you'd expect from old solid speakers - old, solid sound unable to match what is really expected these days at karaoke, and with any clarity very much lost into the crowd at any point further than halfway through the room.

Last time I saw this host he was battling with discs that were either jumping, displaying flawed words on screen, or totalling giving up. He had his troubles here also, but perhaps it was one of those good nights with patrons who were sufficiently experienced to know which tracks to avoid.

Certainly, these singers were a far cry from the last place - for many of these could sing well. There was a young guy singing when I came in, and he was doing a commendable job with a karaoke standard, and received a little bit of applause.

I didn't put in a song, because I didn't intend staying for a long time, and it looked as though the host had a fair lineup. However, this host does have a decent songlist, 5,000 or so but with rather a lot of repeats. And, last time, I was delighted to find he had a heap of Van Morrison songs - and not just the standard one or two - and it may be that he also has a lot of something by some other artist that a W2S person is desperately seeking.

There's something else I like about this host, and that is his hosting style. He's an older gentleman with a friendly and approachable face, and he has a manner that doesn't intimidate. Some hosts look busy and professional, others are young and brash and critical, and others just downright bored and unfriendly or difficult old sods that you'd like to leave alone - but this guy actually seemed to invite a song. He looked 'approachable', and carried the sort of manner that suggested you'd get his instant attention as soon as you wandered down . . .(full story on where2sing.com)

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