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Geebung-Zillmere RSL karaoke venue review on www.where2sing.com

REVIEW: Just a little RSL.


Like many Brisbane surburban RSLs, Geebung-Zillmere RSL is the centre of local entertainment of a nighttime, and therefore caters to all ages and tastes. And therefore includes karaoke.

The building itself is one of those with a mainly concrete exterior, offering little in way of architectural merit - and, after parking around the back, I walked around to the front door. Neon is the standard way to demonstrate oppulance when it comes to RSL clubs, and blue neon was indeed used here to identify the main entrance.

Up a few steps, and I was at the end of a queue of people being given directions about where they might find the entertainment of their desires, and when my turn came I asked the extremely tall gentleman about the karaoke. 'Yes' he said, fixing me with a stern gaze. 'Are you a member?' 'No' I admitted, expecting him to point me towards the correct form to be filled. 'Right, out you go then!' he said sternly, indicating the door, before falling about with laughter. Actually quite funny, bearing in mind his imposing stature, and he then personally signed me into the club.

The karaoke is held in the bistro, just around on the left, and a room of standard bistro size and shape. I was encouraged by seeing karaoke equipment ready but covered with a black cloth, and a small stage to the side. But it would have been largely unnoticed by most there, and indeed most were eating. Beer was my first priority, and in asking the lady behind the bar which was the lowest alcohol (driving, see...), we had quite a conversation that uncovered a wealth of facts about beer and how to re-hydrate oneself. On to the bistro, and an equally friendly lady served me a $5.50 plate of minted lamb and vegetables. And so to eat.

I had just finished eating, and was looking at the clock and noting there was still ten minutes to wait for the start of the karaoke, when a senior gentleman came seeking a table for his tribe. I offered him room on mine as I was the only occupant, and so I spent the next hour with him, a couple of ladies, and a small girl. I expected them to chat amongst themselves during their meals, but they were happy to include me in the conversation, and so we discussed Rockhampton and karaoke. Yes, one lady came from Rockhampton, but no they didn't sing at karaoke. 'Everybody would run away if I sang' I was told by the lady who didn't come from Rockhampton. But they seemed to relish the idea of watching the singers tonight.

It was absolutely spot on 7:30 when the karaoke started, a young couple behind the console, and the guy singing the first song. He sang quietly, as though not to wake the locals, but the locals seemed keen to be awaken. He stood on the small stage holding a corded mic and looking rather timid. I didn't see much adjusting of the sound by the girl host, but perhaps this first song was to get everyone enthused about singing - I did earlier think that a lot more could have been made of the karaoke setup to invite singers' enthusiasm.

But the singers came thick and fast, and those I had imagined to be purely diners were in fact keen to sing. The quality was not outstanding, the song choices were the standard oldies, but it seemed to meet general approval.

I didn't look at a songlist because as soon as I heard the sound, I decided against singing. Two smallish and old speakers . . .(full story on where2sing.com)

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