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What I love most about karaoke

Ever felt adrenilin wipe your cares away, ease pain, remove stress? I have. At karaoke. There's nothing, almost, that compares to belting out my feelings in song. Singing is the air I breathe, lifeblood, it feeds my soul, if blessed with voice, can lead to fulfilling dreams. Yet I also love watching those, some not so gifted, laugh, truly have fun with music, pure entertainment. Karaoke lets everyone have their 5 minutes of fame, be Robbie, Christina, Kelly, Nelly... whoever. Step out of one's comfort zone, & be a kid again. Life can throw 'whammies'. It did to me. I rarely get to karaoke anymore. When I do get there, I get up, rock out hard, feel no pain. I'm free.

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KARAOKE in Australia

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